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In this listing you will recieve one of our lovely Little Welsh Aromas white or grey hanging burners.


Please note the label is water resistant and should not be submerged into water, these are breakable items, please always follow burner guidlines and wax melts safety when in use.




Wax Melt Safety-

Whenever a naked flame is involved there is a risk of danger.

Do Not add water to hot wax as it can be dangerous.

Hot wax can cause burns to the skin so be very careful.

Do Not ingest – if eaten seek emergency medical attention immediately.

Place your burner out of reach of children and pets.

Ensure your burner is not placed near drafts but in a well ventilated area.

Do Not leave unattended while in operation.

Make sure you extinguish the flame before leaving the house.

Ensure you extinguish the tea light of oil burner before you go to sleep.

Ensure you remove any plastic packaging from wax melts before use.

If using a small oil burner -only use 1 wax melt at a time.

Otherwise I recommend using 2 wax melts at a time.

Wax melts are for external use only.

Wax melts contain dye so Avoid contact with fabrics as melted wax may cause staining.

Hot wax can cause serious injury.

This is Not a toy.

Do Not transport an oil burner while in use as melted wax can spill and cause burns.

Take care extinguishing your tea lights.

Ensure wax melts are stored in a safe place away from children as they may smell or look like sweet and the should not be eaten.

Wax melts do not evapourate.

Wax melts will eventually lose its scent and then the wax melt should be discarded.

Do not pour melted wax into drain.

Hanging wax burner

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